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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Truck of Mystery

From time to time I post articles on items that I can’t identify. Some I have later identified, but others have remained a mystery. Those interest me particularly as for sure someone did know what they were at some point in the past, but that knowledge is lost or hidden at least now.

While the nice arch bar trucks featured recently are still not identified, they contrast a lot with this truck, of which I only have one example. It was with some Nason trucks in a lot but these are certainly not Nason. The basic casting itself is rough and heavy to such an extent that it could be somebody’s shop project. But then again it certainly looks like it could easily date to the earliest days of American OO and be a commercial product.

The second view reveals the very heavy cross section of the truck and also the odd bolster. Note the upward extensions.

The wheelsets with it may or may not be original but I suspect are not. Putting the truck down on the track it is pretty quickly evident that this truck is at present not very usable. The wheelsets are terrible and the axle holes are not all in the same location.

The overall effect though, holding his in my hand, is in terms of OO it looks almost prehistoric, from a time before Nason. I think that comes across in the photos as well. Anyone have more of these relics?

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