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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two Modified Scale-Craft Passenger Cars for the Orient

Today we have two recently completed projects, this shorty Scale-Craft OO scale diner and a RPO-Baggage. Both were created by prior owners by modifying stock S-C equipment, and both needed at a minimum stripping and new paint/decals to be layout ready.

First, the diner; it is a fairly straightforward modification of their stock diner, with one end essentially just cut off. I reworked it a bit further but with the main goal being just a nice clean car to run on the layout.

The RPO-baggage is a bit more heavily modified. The basic model was originally a Gas Electric RPO-baggage. What the prior owner (in this case Pierre Bourassa) did essentially was use most of the existing sides but assemble the rest of the car from parts. The ends are for example Nason and I suspect the floor and roof to be J-C models parts. The main baggage doors are salvaged out of J-C sides.

Both caught my eye in the collection though to rebuild as the RPO-baggage would make the perfect trailer for either of my Gas-Electric cars and the shorty diner will operate well in passenger trains on my tight curves. As such, both cars will see good service on the layout in the coming years, and I have been enjoying running a long heavyweight passenger train this past week.

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