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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage OO Layout Photos III: Moale Trolleys in Color

As noted in another article on the Moale trolleys, in materials received from the OO SIG were a group of photos of his layout, including the four photos featured today. Edward S. Moale was a naval commander and trolley enthusiast, and he built up a large collection of American OO scale trolley models and also layouts to operate them upon.

This first photo is an overview of what must be a good chunk of the layout. I should note that Blogger recently updated the "click on the photo" function. On some older articles it does not work correctly (I am trying to update them as I notice it), but on new ones such as this where the optics are not great you can pick out a lot more detail if you click on the photo for a closer view. How many trolleys do you see?

The second photo shows another corner of the attic layout room, this area with a farm and a commercial backdrop for a countryside feel. Note that three tracks are visible and the models operate from the overhead wire. The closer car is more what I would think of as a city trolley and the rear cars are interurbans.

The third and fourth photos are dated January, 1958 on the mounting. We can see more of the overhead but also note that the closest track has a center third rail (Lionel style) and we can see the roof of a box car in the lower right corner. Oh, and do you see the elephant?

The last photo is actually the sharpest but features a British model, obviously converted to run on 19mm gauge track and probably from center third rail. This is another angle on the same scene as in the first photo and we can see that the depot is for the town of Henrietta. About ten trolley models are visible in this photo as well.

I have a few more Moale photos, in black and white, and will return to them at a future date in this series.

UPDATE: The final installment (Part IV) of vintage Moale photos is here, with text by Commander Moale on his trolley and interurban models. (Link below continues the vintage photos series!).

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