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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage OO Layout Photos II: Schorr Diesels

Continuing this series (part I here), today we have two photos of OO diesels (mostly) on the layout of Fred Schorr, of OO brass import fame.

The first photo shows models set up on three levels which first points out that he must have had a pretty large layout with multiple tracks visible on the upper and lower level. Starting up top we have an ABA set of sand cast Schorr F-3s (more info here), on the bottom we have another AB pair on a passenger train led by a S-C baggage car, and in the middle we have two Super-Scale diesel switchers (more here). Number 20 looks larger than number 12 to the extent that I would almost wonder if 20 is the S Scale version instead of the OO version? Note especially the cabs. Click on the photo for a closer view.

Up at the front too we can see two Scale-Craft flat cars and get a sense of the trackwork which is nicely hand laid on Tru-Scale roadbed. I have not written much to date about Tru-Scale but have a bit more here and it was a popular choice among operators.

The second photo shows essentially the same scene (note the backdrop) but from a bit different angle, with possibly the same AB pair of F-3s on a passenger train and a scratchbuilt or perhaps kitbashed 4-4-0 model on an older time passenger train. On the lower level, not very in focus, there seem to be at least two Hawk boxcars among those in the yard.

I have more from the layout of Fred Schorr thanks to his son Ed, and I have other unpublished photos from the layouts of Bourassa, Moale, and others, be looking for this series to continue periodically.

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