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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Flat Car Frames and a TOFC flat

One of my quests these past several years has been for a Nason flat car. I think I saw one sell on eBay not long ago but I did not win it. I did however win recently with some parts this bronze frame, which is certainly the correct frame for the Nason flat.

That frame is sitting in the photo on the remnants of somebody’s flat car project. This one is scratch built from brass, soldered together nicely.

What to do with that frame has been a question I have pondered for a few months. It is supposed to be a heavy duty flat car and probably I should just build it out that way, but one option I was pondering was to build it into a freelanced modern car similar to the TOFC flat behind it, made by the late Bill Johann, seen here with a scratchbuilt 1/76 scale UPS trailer on it. I featured another of these great modern American OO cars a few years ago in an article, but this one is of slightly different design.

His car is based on a Norfolk Southern 50’ prototype, rebuilt as I understand it on retired boxcar frames for TOFC service in the mid-1980s (more info here). I will keep pondering my options for the parts for now, but eventually both of the projects will be rolling down the rails as well.

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