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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Nason Sand-Cast Pullman

Not long ago I featured a Nason Pullman of the second style they produced, the Easy-Built type with stamped brass sides. Today we have an example of their earlier, sand-cast version.

This type of car we have also featured in a prior article, with a group of photos of their line of sand-cast passenger cars from Dick Gresham. Today however these photos are from Dick Kuehnemund. These models were a part of the original Nason line in 1934 and sold initially for $9 a car, quite a sum for back in that day.

Turning to the photos, the model is sand-cast aluminum with a wood roof. This Pullman looks ready for a paint job, and the castings themselves look to have been clean and well made.

In the bottom view we see more details. The frame, although cast into the underbody, matches closely the casting used on the later version of the Pullman with the wood floor. There are several bronze and turned brass details visible and of course the trucks. In this case they are the two rail version of their six wheel truck, with the insulated middle piece and also the split axle wheelsets. Click on either photo for a closer view.

All in all, this car is a retro beauty. Nason actually offered this car as an option right up to WWII but always at a higher price than the Easy-Built version. Certainly a classic model to keep your eyes peeled for.

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