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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The M. P. Davis OO scale PRR T-1

Today we have photos of a big engine produced by Myron P. Davis. Davis developed a series of large OO locomotives in the post-war era, and in an extended article in 2009 I noted this reference:
In the January 1996 issue [of Train Collectors Quarterly] there is a great article I had never noted by the late Donald S. Fraley titled “The Unfinished Locomotives,” which may be accessed here in full if you are a TCA member and logged in (on pages 8-11). As I am trying to do now, Dr. Fraley was trying to sort out historical details of American OO gauge production and unusual models, and these are pretty unique models.
This example, from the collection of Dick Kuehnemund, is either one of the models seen in that article or a twin to it. It is an American OO gauge PRR T-1, not at all an engine or type of model the average OO collector would guess was ever produced commercially. Yet it was. Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

Before looking at the model specifically there is the question of why he brought these models to limited production at all. Davis is said to have been a silent partner in Nason Railways and built this and the other big locomotives as prototype models for possible post-war production that never materialized. However, they do not seem to be one of prototypes, other models are out there as he sold them on a limited basis himself under the name Cussewago Valley Railroad “OO” Gauge Scale Models. The sales flyer may be seen in the TCA article, and not long ago one of the big boilers, for a UP Big Boy, passed through eBay.

As to this specific model, the photos speak for themselves pretty well. Big bronze castings dominate. The locomotive and tender look pretty complete and must have been quite a project to develop and produce. I don’t know the minimum radius but it would have to be pretty big with that long, fixed wheelbase. Everything looks to be made specifically for this model, not recycled from other older OO production. Model work not likely to be seen in American OO again.

Be looking for another of these big models later this week, also in the collection of Dick K., a WM 4-6-6-4.

UPDATE: Also I would note here, I now have the orphan nose section of one of these models. It looks great on my desk in my office but if you have the rest of one of these let me know!

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