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Friday, June 3, 2011

An American Flyer Gon Converted to OO

This is a car was featured in an article in The OO Road some years ago. I did this conversion way back in 1981-82, but came back to it this past week as I have been working on upgrading a number of cars for better operation and also getting other interesting, more recently acquired cars operable (I like to run trains!). In the case of this car, it had been on upgraded S-C trucks but as a non-vintage car and a personal favorite was switched to ride on Schorr trucks.

The conversion of the car itself was actually pretty straightforward and I would think about doing it again. Basically you have to reduce the length and height of the sides and narrow the car. In the case of this car I used  Graceline ends that had been cast by Temple Nieter but the original ends could be modified. To the new ends I added Eastern brake details and made a new floor with an Eastern frame. The sides were capped with strip styrene.

It looks a little different than any comparable OO gondola such as the more commonly seen Schorr and Eastern cars. I am very pleased with the look of it on the new trucks compared to the S-C trucks I used years ago. I look forward to running this car more again.

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