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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An OO Scale Ruler that is Easily Available in North America from Rulers of the World

At the end of the previous article I had a link to an article in an online magazine, Model Railroad Hobbyist. It is a magazine that I had not stumbled upon before and this was doubly surprising as it is free, looks to be a very nice monthly product, and it has been online since January of 2009! I will be reading all the back issues this summer. I especially like the view online option.

In their May, 2011 issue they have an article on Rulers of the World Scale Rulers, which you can access from the link above or from this direct link to their article. The manufacturer website is here and in short for a mere $5 (actually $4 plus $1 for shipping) you can have in your hands a brand new scale ruler in OO scale. We would want an Imperial type ruler for model railroad uses. It is certainly easier to order this from North America than the other (British OO) options and very worth checking out.

UPDATE: The image is of my ruler after it arrived. No complaints from me, a nice product.

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