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Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Gondolas by Howard Winther

Continuing the series of photos of models built by OO pioneer Howard Winther we have two gondolas. Click on either photo for a closer view.

 First up is this one which I take to be the older car of the pair. This one is lettered, by hand, for the maintenance of way department of his Bergen and Essex Railroad. It is dated 1-38 and very likely was in fact built or completed in January of 1938. It looks to be made of wood but by modern standards the details are somewhat representational, noting specifically the rather wide panels in the sides and the upright brake wheel not typical of a steel car such as this. This one rides on his early style trucks as well that are not commercial products but rather trucks he scratch built. Note the lack of spring details.

 This second car, lettered with decals for the Lehigh Valley, looks to be more prototypically based and is a very handsome car. The proportions are better for sure in the layout of the sides and also note the very nice ends. As it is riding on a set of Schorr trucks, probably the best ever made in American OO, at a glance one could easily mistake it for a Schorr brass import except for the lack of rivet details and the layout of the side panels.

It will take me a little while to write it up but as I work on the upcoming "series" posts for 1937 and 38 I will be featuring several more models built by Howard Winther as they are specifically mentioned in the hobby press of the time, be watching for more.

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