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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Graceline Troop Sleeper and an Unusual Hopper

John Svensson sent in this photo recently of a pair of unusual cars on his OO layout, a modified Graceline troop sleeper and an unusual hopper. He purchased them from Bill Gilbert.

Graceline (main article here) had a large OO line before WWII and continued production through the war but in that time frame ultimately produced some models as “comprestic” kits that were sides only. The troop sleeper was produced in that time frame. This one was nicely built up as NYC express car converted from a troop sleeper.

The other car is a scratchbuilt Erie horizontal braced hopper, which Svennsson notes was “used also by their sub the NYS&W. I actually have a photo of a yard full of these in Blossburg, PA circa 1930s.” A quick search online turned up little on this type of car (a HO version is here), they are a rarity and there really can’t be many of them in American OO in particular.

This photo also gives a glimpse of his OO layout. I am looking forward to seeing more of it as the scenery makes progress. Thanks to John again for sharing.

UPDATE: See this article for more on the Graceline troop sleeper.

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