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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New: Brass parts for an OO SW-8, part II

Back almost a year ago I noted that a new etched body kit was available in OO for a SW-8 switcher, produced by Worsley Works in England. It is a re-scaling of a model they developed for TT gauge. I broke down and purchased two sets of these bodies, one to build up now and the other to hold onto for now. Some first impressions are in order.

The parts for the model are spread out on sheets, as seen in this photo. Everything looks great in terms of scale and quality of etch in the brass stock. Some careful bending and soldering are in store for me sometime when I have a large block of time to devote to it!

There are small parts that will be needed for the body such as smoke stacks and lights and also a drive. I will certainly need to use parts from an AHM HO SW-1, which in other posts I have noted is overscale for HO and has OO trucks, and I hope to use drive parts liberated from an Athearn HO road diesel. It is not a beginner project and will certainly stretch my abilities but will I believe build up into a great model. More on that sometime in a future part III.

UPDATE: If you compare my set of etchings to the set in the first post you will note that I have a bit missing. I had wondered about that and a reader confirmed that the missing section shipped with earlier sets contains parts for an "English LMSR Brake Van."


Anonymous said...

Was this engine ever worked on beyond the initial acquisition?

John Ericson said...

Not yet -- but hope to get to it in the next couple years