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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Flat Car Comparison

The photo below is of three flat cars stacked up. All of them are the correct width for OO but two of them are actually HO models.

The bottom car in the stack is a Scale-Craft flat modified to the extent that it is on “Morlok method” modified HO trucks, which I like on these cars as they look better than stock S-C trucks and roll better as well. The truck modification is described here, and a photo and description of another stack of three flat cars showing the different mounting locations of early and late S-C flats is here.

Not long ago I posted about the Revell HO flat that was marketed years ago as an “extra long” flatcar. The Revel car in the middle is another example and came from the group of cars donated to the OO SIG from the estate of David Sacks. This one was in much worse shape than the one featured in the previous post. The one in the prior post is on Scale-Craft trucks but as such rides pretty high. This one I also mounted on modified Morlok method trucks so that I could achieve a lower, correct deck height.

The top car is Mantua/Tyco HO. This one again is the right width for OO but from the side has a bit more the look of a HO car with the smaller stake pockets in particular. I also described this car conversion here.

What got me going on this Revell flat as a quick project now was related to the huge project I am still working on but nearly done with, that of reorganizing the OO Inventory maintained by the OO SIG. There are some great items in it for sure but it has taken me a lot of time reorganizing it all. One goal has been making sure that as many cars as possible have working trucks appropriate to the car. This has included actually making more roller bearing trucks from parts in the Inventory combined with parts I had on hand and also repairing any obvious damage. I have also done some trading and added some new items to the Inventory from my own stock as part of refreshing what was there. Soon I will have to say “good enough” on the whole project and take pictures for the SIG Inventory blog, perhaps holding back a few items for a time until they can be repaired further.

The bottom line though is I have material on hand for quite a few good posts for the blog, some related to the Inventory and others related to recent purchases and projects. Time is still a bit limited for me but keep watching, I hope to have something up about twice a week for the duration of the summer.

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