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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Newton Guerin Rolls Again

I have touched several times in prior posts about post-war New Jersey being a hotbed for American OO. Two individuals that were very active in that area were David Sacks and Newton Guerin, both of whom were active in the North Jersey group (there were two round-robin clubs active in that time frame). As of 1947 the president was George Crowley and the treasurer Newt Guerin; more details may be found in this post.

Among the residual items from the estate of David Sacks was this Scale-Craft Pullman, the Newton Guerin. When it arrived in Arizona one truck was broken; both of the bolsters on one truck had disintegrated. I was able to salvage a couple workable ones from other trucks and get this car rolling again without too much work. This car is part of a long passenger train; I will progress on other cars from the train over the summer, but this one has now made several loops around the layout with no problems other than it could roll a little more freely.

Also among the items were the two containers also seen in the photo. They are actually HO containers but Sacks had custom decorated them for Guerin’s and Crowley’s shipping lines! It is a way to remember your friends for sure, and with the significance of these individuals in post-war American OO these are all interesting items to treasure.

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