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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blow-Smoke Final Issue, part 2: A Photo Contest, and the QP Bar

Another interesting item in this final, Spring, 1941 issue of Blow-Smoke is a two-page spread of winners of their photo contest. There were three first prize winners in OO, and the below photo covers in my opinion the best two of them. Click on the photo for a bigger view.

While the lower photo is notable with SC 4-8-4, 4-6-4t, and 4-6-2 models visible, the upper photo has several obvious non-S-C models (Bessey boxcar and Mantua 4-4-0) and also especially the Maxwell/S-C building kit. In this case it is a beautifully built up version of the Gold Nugget Dance Hall.

Scale-Craft had acquired the Maxwell line of structure kits back in 1939, as noted in this post quoting from a prior issue of Blow-Smoke. Having my eyes open during the first flurry of eBay activity after the Morlok auction I was able to purchase this boxed example of a similar kit from the line, in this case a kit for the QP Bar.

The box is sealed still on one end and looks to have never have been fully unpacked at any point in time. This first photo shows the end that is sealed. Note that the model is clearly marked as being OO Gauge, not HO/OO.

It was packed up as we can see in this second photo with shredded paper of some sort. The words on the paper relate to electrical voltages and such.

Underneath all the packing this is what you get. A lot of small pieces of wood and also wood printed in a brick pattern.

Inside the box on one end was this envelope full of envelopes. Paint, glue, etc. Maxwell was actually a hardware store, as seen on the envelope.

The instructions and plans were on the bottom level of the box and could be carefully removed. First we have these big plans. They say they are for the HO gauge QP Bar and are copyrighted 1940, Maxwell Hardware Co.

Finally we get to the actual instructions. Good luck with building the kit! They are mimeographed and not exactly the most detailed. The built up version of a similar kit in the Scale-Craft photo contest is even more impressive knowing how vague the plans and directions are.

This kit of mine will go back in the box as near to the way I found it as I can. It is certainly an interesting and rare find that there can’t be a lot of around.

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