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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baker Drive Units and American OO

As I have three OO gauge locomotives with Baker drive units, I recently made an important purchase toward getting them in shape.

In the previous post I mentioned how the Kemtron GP-7 could be purchased set up for a Lindsay drive or a Baker drive. This is the main thing to see to know if a drive is the Baker drive, it runs on a drive belt. Two of the locomotives I have are set up this way, with the third set up with the ring mounted on the inboard end of the truck itself. The belt is plumbing O-ring, which over time will either get brittle or break down. Click on the photo for a close up view.

I was not sure the size I would need for each engine as they are set up with three different motors so I purchased 11/16, 3/4, and 13/16 inch rings, standard plumbing parts, covering the range I expect to need in these applications.

One of the engines with the belt drive I used to run often, a Schorr F-3A (seen in this post), but I have not run it much for several years due to the ring slipping. It is not a difficult fix, it should be running soon, and I even plan to upgrade it and the Baker drive GP-7 with flywheels when I work them over.

UPDATE: The F-3 is running again! It has a large can motor that I put in years ago (the original motor was shot) and to it I added a flywheel left over from an Athearn drive and replaced one wheelset that lacked a gear with another that had a gear from another model. This will be a prime engine again, I should have upgraded it a while ago, pulls like crazy. One other random thing to note, this type of drive has a rather satisfying Diesel locomotive sound unlike any other type of drive, especially now with the flywheel added.

See that F-3 and a Kemtron GP-7 with Baker drives here.

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