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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Schorr 2-8-0

As promised in the post yesterday, I have photos from Dick G. of a Schorr Ma & Pa 2-8-0.

He actually has two examples; this one he took to be all original, and the other had a modified tender with a larger coal load to add weight. The four photos here are all of the unmodified model; click on any photo for a larger view.

Of them Dick G noted that there are other "minor differences between the two" as they have "different locomotive frames" and he further notes that
They are powered by a Pittman DC-71A? motor laying on its side in the tender. The tender had to be sized to accommodate the Pittman motor. The motor just barely fits inside the tender. Power is transmitted to the locomotive drive shaft by flexible tubing between the tender and locomotive. The locomotive drive shaft turns a worm gear mated to a ring gear on the third axle.

A previous owner cut out the top of one of the tenders exposing the Pittman motor possibly to make it easier to lubricate the motor. He changed the wiring making one tender truck pick up current from one rail, and the other tender truck pick up current from the other rail. He added a lead weight on top of the tender disguising it as a coal bunker.
I [John] have heard that this engine does not run that well, but this is a common problem with early Japanese brass imports and you just had to work with the model a bit. On the tender modification, it makes perfect sense that they would try weight it. On my Mantua/Tyco 4-6-0 conversion I ended up adding all the weight I could to the tender before it would track well on the layout, it has to do with making good electrical contact on the tender wheelsets. That engine may be seen here.

Comparing both, it and the Schorr engine would make a great pair. I would think to operate it you would want to add a universal to the drive connection between the engine and tender.

This post is probably a bit too late for someone at the Morlok auction to reference later today but I am fairly sure there are several for sale there among the lots listed. This is a model to watch for, an OO classic to be sure.

UPDATE: I now have one of these models and it has been rebuilt for operation. See this article for more. 

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