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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Schorr Drive for the Davis E-7

The best running locomotive on my roster is certainly my Davis E-7A which I have running on parts of a pair of modified Athearn PA-1 drive units, as shown here. Dick Gresham provided some interesting photos of a period drive for this model.

Before going to them, also check out this drive, which is completely different and is also a period drive.

The drive below is marked Schorr and what I notice right away is that it matches the drive on a Schorr F-3a that I have with the same floor stock and drive line based on Baker parts using an O ring belt. Three photos are below; click on any one for a larger view.

With the drive in the box were Lindsey HO PA-1 sideframes, so it may be that Fred Schorr thought the Davis sideframe castings way too heavy, as did I.

Dick also was able to purchase this Davis E-7a and E-7b pair. The drive fits the body perfectly. Note that while the two pair of Davis E-7s shown in the posts linked above are bronze, this pair below is aluminum. I take this to be a late production pair, from a second run of castings. The casting quality would seem to be a little less fine than the bronze version.

One final item, years ago I was led to believe that very few of these were produced. I still don’t think a lot were produced but certainly it is not as rare a model as I had thought. Thank you for sharing these great photos.


Woody Elmore said...

I read your column all the time - I had a godfather who modeled in OO before WWII. I think you may be interested in an Ebay auction item. A guy has what looks like a UP Fleischmann FA up for auction. He's calling it Mantua/Varney. There is currently one bid of $9.99.
I love your website. Where do you find (a) the time and (b) the items? I teaching graduate school and have little time for anything else. Woody elmore, Bayville NY (

John Ericson said...

Woody--Thank you for your comment. This time of the semester I can't post much but OO related but try to keep something coming every week for the site. I don't get many comments but I know there is good steady traffic to the site. I have posted in the past on the Fleischmann FA, I have an HO collector friend looking for a junker as I don't need one with good paint or a drive. Someday I hope to have a pair running on the layout.