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Friday, November 13, 2009

More on Scale-Rail Industries Sides

Following up on a previous post on Scale-Rail Industries, I recently purchased a few more examples of these sides on eBay.

Click on the photo for a larger view and to see all the car numbers. I don’t know with certainty if this is the complete line of these sides, but this is the same number of car sides and the same car numbers as on a list put together by the late William Chapin. Their line of HO sides was similar but not identical to the OO line.

I like these sides a lot, the printing is sharp and the embossed rivet details are convincing. The only problem is matching the paint. A few years ago I worked up a paint chart with every type of Floquil paint that I could easily purchase, with different coatings applied to the samples. The color of the sides themselves varies but among the closest matches to these sides are Floquil 110175 Southern freight car brown and Poly Scale 404079 oxide red with no additional coating.

I look forward to working over several cars with these sides and the closely matching paint; with careful paint work they should come out pretty sharp. The car in the photo in the earlier post linked above would be a good starting point; it is a car I built years ago from parts marred by two paint jobs with paint that did not match well.

UPDATE: See this article for examples of both of the ATSF cars built up. The top left side is for one side of the car with the map and the other is Scout.

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Phil R. said...

I just picked up a built up Cotton Belt car on Ebay. It looks like the same sides you show here. It is really nice.