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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watching OO Auctions at The Collectors Weekly, and a Record for Scale-Craft?

One site that makes watching OO auctions fairly easy is The Collectors Weekly. They have several different functions available which even though the results will be a bit muddied by British HO/OO results in the mix is always interesting to check.

For the top 40 current eBay OO scale auctions see

For the top 20 most watched eBay OO scale auctions see

And for the top 20 completed eBay OO scale auctions this past week see

There is a weekly E-mail version available and that is how I normally check these.

This past week was perhaps record breaking as the number one completed auction was this: “OO Gauge Scale Steamer 4-6-4 Boxed 2 Or 3 Rail Old Vg+ - $510 - (#390110705099).” This model is a rarity and it is heartwarming in a way to know that there are several of you out there knowledgeable and interested enough to bid this item up strongly! On the other hand, I may never be able to afford one! For those not familiar with this model, it is a 4-6-4t model from Scale-Craft and is a factory item, not a kitbash job. For more on this model and a photo of an example see this post, and congratulations to the winner of the auction this past week.

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