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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Lionel OO UTLX tank car

Following up on the post on the five new tank cars, this is the finished version of one that is a mixture of Lionel and HO parts.

The tank body and ends were an e-Bay purchase a few years back. The frame is modified from an Athearn frame, and the dome is from a Tyco car. The trucks are a combination of reproduction Lionel parts and upgrade wheelsets. The decals are my last set of Champ UTLX decals. I know it may make a true Lionel OO collector cringe a bit, it is a mutt, but it will be a runner on the layout for sure. I like too that it is a bit lighter than the standard Lionel car, this is useful in the context of the trains I actually run.

This is off topic a bit but one other quick note for frequent readers, I will try to keep posting at least one time a week but right now I have to devote extra time to the launch of a new Internet project related to my teaching. It is called Horn Matters and I welcome you to check it out if you are curious about my real life work as a horn teacher and player.

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