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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thuillgrim OO, cover story of The Modelmaker for March, 1931

A final magazine to watch for is The Modelmaker, which is the source for the earliest information on OO gauge models in America.

This issue, March 1931, is perhaps the most desirable. The cover story is on the two Thuillgrim OO locomotives that had been displayed at the Third Annual Exhibition of the New York Society of Model Engineers. As I note in my prior post on Thuillgrim, the editors of The Modelmaker state that “In the Trade Exhibits Thuillgrim’s two ‘OO’ Gauge locomotives certainly attracted the most attention.”

I know of no other photos of these models but it would be quite a find if they still exist. Click on the image for a larger view.

As I note in the other post Thuillgrim had plans for some real OO gauge production. They have an advertisement on page 58 of the same issue and give an address in Cedarhurst, Long Island. They regret in the ad that “at this time, we are not able to quote prices” on their models but that they expect to be able to by April 1.

While so far as I know ultimately not commercially marketed in any quantity, these two models could very well be the first two locomotives constructed in American OO; they certainly led the way for other makers to follow.

UPDATE: Tuillgrim advertised from 1930-32; at this point I am inclined to say they did produce at least a few of the 4-6-4 models based on advertising and certainly sold rail and other supplies. I will be researching this further in upcoming posts.

UPDATE II: A series on American OO by the years starts here, with extensive coverage of Thuillgrim and other very early lines.

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