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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OO Passenger car cross sections

Heavyweight passenger cars should be a bit over 10’ in width. Below is a photo of several cars side to side. Note that one is thinner.

It is a Nason Easy-Built type Pullman with brass sides. Note that it is just over 9’ and is noticeably under width. The cars are left to right Famoco, Scale-Craft, Nason, and J-C. The Nason car when run in a train with the other cars is noticeably under sized in cross section and height, approaching that of a large HO car. Most of the difference is the roof and floor stock. From the side the car is OO scale.

I also have this piece of clearly marked Nason roof stock that is 10’ wide. It appears to be from the same car as these sides for an easy-built coach, which I got out again and I hope to build up. Click for a larger photo. I also have a complete, unbuilt kit with this same roof stock. One nice thing about this coach is that it is longer than a Scale-Craft coach and closer to scale length. On the negative side, no rivet detail.

I see two possibilities for the Pullman. One is that there was a production run where Nason used different roof stock that was narrower. The other is that a builder used parts to perhaps rebuild an existing car of uncertain manufacture. Any insights out there? I don’t have a lot of Nason, would love to know what roof stock went out with the cast cars for example.

UPDATE: And the coach may be seen, nearly rebuilt, in this article.

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