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Sunday, August 23, 2009

80’ S-C passenger cars on 26” radius curves

I have been working on passenger cars lately and one useful observation would be that the 80’ Scale-Craft passenger cars are touchy on 26” radius curves. The frame shape and size limits the truck swing to the extent that it is problematic.

So I got looking back in the collection of cars waiting for rebuilding and noticed that these three Scale-Craft cars had been modified in the frame area to allow more truck swing, each one slightly differently. The car on the left has the area in question filed down, next it is filed down even more and the mounting changed so that there is no offending screw, and finally one that was filed down less but insulated with cellophane tape. Click on the photo for a larger view.

I am generally speaking reluctant to modify cars much for the layout, but these pre-modified cars are all good candidates for rebuilding for the layout.

All the other brands of passenger cars produced in OO seem to not have this problem in relation to the frame limiting truck swing.

One other note on the Scale-Craft cars would be that as built the coupler height would be slightly too high. I have one car that was altered to also resolve that problem and that will actually be the first I rebuild.

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