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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Which is the real vintage OO gauge box car?

Two of these three cars I just finished and one is vintage. Can you guess which one it is?

They are all lettered for the Great Northern. The car on top is Hawk and the two bottom cars have Picard bodies, and all have at least a few Scale-Craft parts.

It is not easy to guess is it? The double sheathed wood car is on Schorr arch-bar trucks, the other two on Scale-Craft trucks. Give up yet? Click on the photo for a better view.

In a sense they are all vintage cars as I was not the original builder; all were started at least long ago. But I did work on all of them. The decals probably have maybe given it away? The layout of the decals is a bit sketchy on the outside braced car….

It is what I would call the real vintage car, restored slightly. The outside braced car came to me via eBay and was at that time on a Scale-Craft frame. I had several Hawk frames in my parts supply and mounted one back on the car, which showed marks that it originally was built with this same type of frame. I added the old-style “straight pin” Kadee couplers to complete the restoration, which mate fine with modern Kadee couplers.

The Picard cars were partially built from an estate purchase. A photo of them before painting is here. The “after” came out quite well I think, the steel car coming out better than I expected, a neat paint job does wonders. I used another pair of the old style Kadee couplers on the steel car and Kadee No. 4 couplers on the wood car.

They all run great on the layout. The steel car I will run mainly with other vintage cars and the arch bar trucked car I will run with older time equipment. I have parts to do several more of the same type of steel car, this was just the one that was the closest to done—a project for another summer.

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