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Monday, July 13, 2009

Scale-Craft express reefer trucks?

Exhibit “A” below is a photo of two express reefers. The car on right has a standard Scale-Craft passenger truck on it and the one on the left does not. It gives the visual impression of being maybe 85% the size of the regular passenger truck and has plain instead of roller bearings.

I have three pair of these mounted on cars. All of them have freight car size Scale-Craft wheelsets. Click on the photo for a better view.

I had a memory that Scale-Craft had cataloged a type of passenger truck that I have never seen. S-C made a plain bearing 4 wheel passenger truck that is depicted on P. 47 of the Round Lake catalog only—it was introduced very late in their production and I have never seen one in reality [anyone have one?]. BUT, the truck on the car on the left is not that truck--it would have rounded off ends--and S-C never cataloged an express reefer truck!

It looked at first to me like a factory item but looking closer clearly a modeler worked these up themselves by filing down the roller bearings into something close to plain bearings, filing off the brake hangers, and changing them over to the smaller wheelsets. They are actually pretty effective, makes you wish Scale-Craft had in fact produced a similar express reefer truck.

UPDATE: Rare S-C truck located! This truck would have been just right for a Scale-Craft express reefer, if one had been produced. There is more at the link but in short after WWII Scale-Craft produced a 4-wheel plain bearing passenger truck, an orphan item in their line.

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