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Monday, July 6, 2009

Four vintage heavyweight Pullmans

In the previous post I spoke of putting modified S-C six wheel trucks on four cars. These are the cars and trucks. The rebuilt trucks roll great! They had been modified to the extent that the end beams have all been filed off and rounded (by a prior owner!). Painted black you have to look for it to notice. As to the cars these trucks are now on they are all Pullmans by different makers painted up generally the same (with green roofs) so they are interesting to compare. Click on any photo for a larger view.

In this first photo the car in the front is a nicely built up J-C models car. It has picked up sheet metal steps and actually I had put this car in running order a while back, which included adding Kadee couplers. More on that in a minute. The other car is a bit more interesting. I believe it to be Famoco. It has die cast ends and other parts that would fit with it being Famoco but also has a Nason frame. It could just be a J-C kit souped up with other parts. J-C and Famoco sides and wood parts are identical.

In the second photo the car in front is a Nason EZ Built car. The brass sides show through here and there and this car was lacking steps. Recently I was able to purchase a Nason kit and in the parts supply I found these steps that matched the ones in that kit. The rear car is Scale-Craft. They went for a bit more modern Pullman design with the wide windows. Both of these cars are lettered for the Burlington.

One tip on setting up the trucks with North Yard wheels, I put a washer between the wheel and the side frame on each wheel on one side of each truck. Why? To help prevent shorting by holding the wheelset just a bit away from one sideframe. I picked this idea up after taking apart quite a few trucks, it can help.

One new thing for me with these two posts has been working with dummy couplers. For the 80’ cars the Scale-Craft couplers are the way to go! They need all that swing to get around my 28” radius curves reliably. I had worked on the J-C car some a few years ago and put Kadee #5 couplers on it at that point. If I had a wider radius I would keep it as it is but I am pondering converting it back to dummy couplers for better operation—or at least a switch to the long shank version of the Kadee.

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