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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Color photos in the 1938 S-C catalog

I received a couple interesting items recently from John Blackburn. One was a link to an article that appeared in the Monday, Sep. 13, 1937 issue of Time magazine. It is on model railroading and while it does not mention OO specifically it does mention Elliott Donnelley of Scale-Craft, then still known as Scale-Models, Inc., and offers this on the budget of the typical model railroader of the time.

The Model Railroader finds that the average hobbyist spends $200 to $250 a year. Typical assembly kit for assembling a baggage coach costs $10.50, a passenger coach $11.50. Biggest manufacturer of parts is Scale-Models Inc. of Chicago, headed by tall young (34) Elliott Donnelley, who left the big printing business of which his father is chairman, Chicago's R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co., because of his enthusiasm for model railroads.
This relates to a second item he sent, photos of pages from the 1938 Scale-Craft catalog. This is the cover; I have a Xerox of this catalog but had forgotten totally that it features color or colorized photos of their models. Makes sense and Donnelley had background in the printing industry. Below are samples from the section of freight cars; click on any photo for a larger view.

The passenger cars were also in color. Certainly the catalog worked to show the colorful variety of models that could be built in the brand new miniature scale of American OO and also the catalog reflects the vision of the young owner of the company.

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