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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Great S-C OO Gauge Flat with a New Deck

While I was on the road a set of three nice photos of a Scale-Craft flat built by Ed Havens came my way.

I have several similar cars with new decks. This kit built up well but as shipped out it had a very thick deck, as in very unrealistically thick. Introduced in 1939, this model was available until the end of Scale-Craft production with that same deck. The frame is die cast and the sides are brass. I think it is actually one of the best looking of the cars in their line (with a new deck, that is) as the somewhat toy like trucks are partially obscured by the way the car goes together. Ed noted that this specific car

… has individually stained planks for the flooring. I recall looking at the kit-supplied, scribed floor and thought it probably wouldn't give me a prototypical look. I experimented with staining but didn't like the results so I bought Northeastern strip basswood, cut the planks and stained them individually. The photos show the results. I also added a weight (a cut section of bar solder) to the underbody to improve tracking. The Scale-Craft flatcar now weighs 6.0 oz. By comparison, a Scale-Craft, kit-built, as-supplied tank car weighs 6.6 oz. And a Lionel boxcar weighs 10.4 oz.

There were no decals with the S.C. flatcar kit so I used HO decals, probably Champion or Walthers. I added a red keystone just because I liked the look. Flatcars of PRR didn't have keystone logos.
Adding the extra weight to this model is a good idea. A couple of the older cars I have purchased have had loads, which is another tactic to not only make the cars look different but to also help them track better.

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