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Friday, May 22, 2009

Some unpainted wood boxcars

A central project for me these past few weeks was bringing these four car bodies to completion. They were started by another and came to me in an estate purchase some years back.

These first two bodies were closer to done. The original builder had a “boxcar project” in progress and for some reason abandoned it. They are all on Picard bodies. The wood car was approaching completeness but had a truss rod frame on it that would not work, at least not with trucks mounted on the car. When it came to me the car body was broken apart. The steel car was also approaching completeness, one of a half-dozen similar cars, but was never painted or quite finished, I suspect mostly because after all the effort to build it to this point it did not look as good as he wished. I had to fix the roof with several new ribs and other details were added. The doors and ends are Selley, added by the builder. I went for more of an “old school” look with the Scale-Craft ladders. The steel car has a S-C reefer frame on it now with modern AB brakes; the wood car has a Nason frame and a S-C K-type brake cylinder.

The second two bodies are essentially identical and were not completed to quite the same point by the original builder. Several years ago I started this by rebuilding the roofs, sanding off all that had been done before and resealing them. The ends are Selley and off other incomplete steel cars similar to the one above, as I wanted to do a composite, transitional/rebuilt boxcar. The doors are scratch built and the ladders are Selley. The frames are from the parts box inherited in this same purchase and are Hawk, working well for a car of this design and the brake cylinders are reproduction Eastern K-type castings I made some years back.

I will paint and letter these soon, but it is interesting to see them in this near complete phase.

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