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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New On3 turnouts from San Juan Car Company

Looking in the April, 2009 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman I noted a review of a new On3 turnout from San Juan Car Company. This photo is a copy of one in their website.

RMC reviewer Bill Schaumburg wrote,

San Juan Car Company now offers ready-to-run switches in On3. They are a valuable and welcome addition to the hobby and should do a lot for On3.

These turnouts are a completely modern product, with code 100 nickel silver rails and plastic ties (they are low-profile and measure 8” across the face, matching available track), and they meet what we expect today in the hobby. They come in no. 6 right and left-hand, feature small “spikeheads” holding the rail in place, and follow North American track geometry.
Reading the rest of the review I must say these turnouts sound great. Other than the oversize ties these new turnouts would work great in American OO as On3 and American OO track standards are identical. The tie issue can be corrected to an extent by shortening the ties somewhat, which would be time consuming but probably worth it to have very reliable turnouts built to the standards of modern model railroad products. They sell for $24.95 and are certainly an item to look into if you are thinking to run your two-rail American OO trains.

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