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Friday, May 22, 2009

An “Easy-to-Build” stock car

Working on the boxcars in the previous post one of the books I referred to as a resource was an old Kalmbach publication, Easy-to-Build Model Railroad Freight Cars.

I purchased the book in high school and at the time constructed this car from the directions in this classic collection of “dollar models,” a stock car based on the project in chapter 12. I like how it looks still. It is lettered for a freelanced short line project far in my past, the Fall River Railway, and it is also one of the few cars I have ever attempted to weather. It is built from strip wood mostly, with some scribed Northeastern siding on the ends. It rides still on Scale-Craft trucks that were given me by Temple Nieter, although I will probably upgrade it soon.

The connection to the boxcar project in the post below is that end material on this stock car is the same material I used to make the doors from for the two cars with wood doors. Never throw anything away!

UPDATE: The car is now on PBL conversion Sn3 trucks, as seen in this article.

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