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Monday, May 25, 2009

A bulkhead flat with a twist

This car was scratch built in styrene by Pierre Bourassa. In my recent car maintenance blitz I converted it to my homemade trucks, making a car very similar to the one in this prototype photo.

I operate it as a simple bulkhead flat but this car has a secret; it was actually built as a track cleaning car and was featured as such in the February, 1994 issue of The OO Road. The middle part of the load is hollow and was to hold a tank of cleaning fluid. When it came to me the track pad was still with the car (it is in the foreground in the photo) but the tank for fluid was gone. I don't run it as a track cleaner (it could be used as such still, if I manually put fluid on the pad) but I do enjoy running it with other modern cars, it runs well. [Posted on May 29]

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