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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top ten articles on American OO Today

When I launched this site in April of 2008 I mostly knew there was just not much online about classic American OO gauge models and I had plenty of materials that could be posted. After a while though I became curious, are people looking at the site? How many? What is on the radar out there?

So in December I got the site set up with Google Analytics. With over 100 articles in the site at present I found out that I currently average toward 25 visitors a day with more than half of them coming from search engines. Many of the pages that are the highest rated certainly relate to searches that individuals are doing. Sometimes they are looking for OO information; sometimes they are related searches where this site came up high in the results.

Without further fanfare, the top ten most frequently viewed articles in the last month:

1. The number one post certainly is one that I believe is coming up due to searches unrelated to OO, “A Mantua/Tyco 4-6-0, and other Mantua OO.” People are looking for info on the HO model, but at the same time I do present new info on it being over scale and such, and I hope that readers were curious to know about Mantua OO as well.

2. At number two we have a post that must be of interest to collectors trying to actually run OO models today, “Scale-Craft and Lionel sectional track for OO gauge.” It is good to know it is the highest rated, true OO post, and it is also one of my favorite articles in the blog.

3. Next is the post “The Fleischmann FA.” For sure this is accessed frequently as a HO/Fleischmann related post, but it does document that the model is over scale for HO and gives good background information.

4. At four we have “Scale-Craft at Kemtron; the end of the line.” It must come up on Scale-Craft and Kemtron searches.

5. Number five is one of the oldest posts in the blog, “Lionel OO gauge.” It is a short post with the right title; I knew then that there were other resources on Lionel OO online and actually it is mostly a link out to one of them. But it must come up well in the search engines and it gets people to the site.

6. Six is a more recent post, “American OO train sets.” This is my main post on Lionel sets but also puts them in context with full info on Scale-Craft sets which were introduced a year before Lionel, with a bit extra on Strombecker OO.

7. Next is an interesting one. I am not sure why “Scale-Craft and Lionel box cars” is so far up the list but I do like how the cars came out that are featured, projects completed this past summer. They are on the layout now!

8. Eight was linked from another recent post but also was previously one of the only articles online anywhere on the topic of “Picard Novelty Co.”

9. “Graceline Model Railroads” is highly rated but I don’t think because there is that much specific interest in Graceline; it was directly linked from a post in the Tyco Collector’s Forum.

10. Our final article in the top ten list as of January, 2009 features a link to a YouTube video; “1938 Lionel OO set in action.” It is short but it is great to see OO gauge run. However, I must admit it is even better to see OO gauge models run on your own layout.

Finally, many thanks to those who helped with these posts and to the hundreds of recent site visitors; I am glad you are there and I will keep the articles coming.

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