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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A OO Scale Drovers Caboose

The Norfolk and Ohio of Carl Appel was a classic OO layout, probably the most impressive ever constructed in OO. Featured twice in Model Railroader back in the day, I described it further in this prior article.

Over the holidays I found a discussion of OO on the Tyco Collector's Forum and in the string of comments there is a photo of a drovers caboose on the Norfolk and Ohio and the same caboose today, now on HO gauge trucks. The discussion is here, scroll down for the photos. (But see UPDATE)

I also had the chance to visit the Kansas State Historical Society museum in Topeka during break. Inside the museum are three beautifully restored pieces of railroad equipment dating to 1880, a 2-8-0 and two passenger cars. The passenger cars are both as they would have appeared in the 1920s, when one was a business car and the other a drover’s car. It would have contained seats for about 20 drovers and bunk beds for a dozen or more. These cars are not often featured on layouts but it is a type of car I will want to add at some point with my string of cattle cars.

UPDATE 2012: The discussion is still there in the Tyco forum, but the photo is gone. I have added instead a scan highlighting the original Carl Appel model from the MR article in November of 1958 to illustrate a drovers caboose and also post another view of this great American OO layout.


Phil R. said...

I have a drovers caboose in my collection that looks to be almost identical to the car in the photo. I will try to put a picture up of it.

Unknown said...

I see where the Tyco forum has lost my N&O "OO/HO" pictures - so here's a few to make up for it: