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Saturday, December 20, 2008

1938 Lionel OO set in action

I just did a quick YouTube search and found this video of a Lionel 1938 set in action, on display at Trainfest Milwaukee 2008. It is a short video but it is good go see that OO was on display at the show.

This was the first time I have searched for American OO on YouTube. While there are plenty of British OO videos there it appears that this might be the only American OO video posted. If you know of more let me know, or consider posting your own if you have the video skills.

UPDATE 2010: Another, sharper video below is online of the same layout, with the following text by the builder:
I purchased the train & Track off of the original owner several years ago. I built the layout 2 years ago, and do a little here a little their on the layout. I have been taking this layout to Trainfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin for the past few years. This year I plan on having all of the buildings lit and will try to have a push button on the crossing gates and may add another acc to have a button to push.

UPDATE 2013: And also check out my American OO Today videos. Episode 4 on models available in 1938 would be a good place to start in relation to the videos above, and I hope to post a new series soon.

AND -- the 2013 version of the layout may be seen here.


Anonymous said...

This "OO" layout in the Video is mine, It was a pleasure to have it opperating all weekend, thats 8 hours straight each day, with a little break for oiling the loco and cars. Track is the 1938 track that I soldered wires on the bottom of every other track section to make good eletrical contact. Next year I am thinking of making a little larger layout to feature a 2 rail and a 3 rail loop of track.

Mike Slater
Lionel RR Club SE Wisconsin

John Ericson said...

Thank you for building this layout and for promoting OO!