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Sunday, November 9, 2008

"... showed some promise in the late 1930s"

Train collectors today are often only vaguely aware of American OO. Why is this?

Besides not being seen often at shows it also is rarely mentioned in the hobby press. I recently noted an article in the Classic Toy Trains magazine website on "The difference between gauge and scale." It is a reprint of a section of the book Beginner's Guide to Toy Train Collecting and Operating by John A. Grams. Way down the page, toward, the bottom of the article, OO gets mentioned as follows:
OO (1:76) showed some promise in the late 1930s.
And that is it! Does it show promise today? If you are a regular reader of this site I believe you also feel that American OO has promise. It is an interesting size with an interesting history, with some big production by makers like Lionel, such as illustrated above. It is up to all of us to do what we can to get the word out.

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