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Saturday, November 8, 2008

More on Mantua OO

A site I enjoy poking around in is the HOSeeker site, which is chock full of old instruction sheets and catalogs. A number of firms featured in the site produced HO and OO models. One of those was Mantua.

From this page you may access a number of Mantua Catalogs. In my collection I only had the OO highlights of the 1942 catalog, but in the HOSeeker site you may view the full 1940, 41, 42, and 47 catalogs and many more.

Mantua as of 1940 only sold the OO track. In 1941 they introduced the Belle of the Eighties, and in a footnote on the page featured here note that it was available also in OO. I have seen this model in OO in the collection of Bill Chapin with a pair of their old-time passenger cars, first seen in the 1947 catalog. By 1947 however only HO items are in the Mantua catalog.

What happened was the old time cars were introduced late in 1941. An advertisement from September of 1941 may be seen in this article, showing the cars as available in HO and in OO. The 4-4-0 model itself is exactly the same as the HO version, just re gauged for OO, and the cars must be the same story..

The catalogs also cleared up for me that the 8-ball Mogul was never marketed in OO--I was told at some point that it might have been, but this is not the case. In short, Mantua OO was only available before World War II, and production was limited to the Belle of the Eighties, the three old time passenger cars (the combine being introduced in January of 1942), and the track.

My general overview of Mantua OO may be found here.

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