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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Nason OO gauge box cab “diesel”

One of the more uncommon American OO items was just seen on eBay this past week, a Nason box cab "diesel." This model was introduced in 1939 and was also featured in their 1940 catalog, and is actually an electric loco (New Haven prototype) minus pantographs in sand cast bronze. The model was discontinued with WWII but was later also produced by Ultimate.

The link is here, take a look at the four photos while you can. It sold for over $150.

UPDATE: Of course, that link is long dead but thanks to Dick Gresham I have a couple photos of another Nason box cab. This example is lettered for the Rock Island, which seems appropriate as they had a number of diesel locomotives of unusual designs. This particular model is built up in a way that matches the model in the 1940 Nason catalog (photo here) very closely. Dick commented,

"I think it is all original. It has the same motor as pictured in the Nason Sixth Anniversary Catalog on page eleven. This same motor was used on Nason's gas electric cars. However, the insulated brush holder is missing on my motor. It probably cracked and fell out as this item changed hands several times. The brushes are present because they are soldered to wires. There is a large reversing switch mounted on the underside of the roof. The direction of travel is reversed by rotating the smoke stack slightly." Click on the photos for a larger view.

UPDATE: For photos of two more nicely built examples of this model see this article.

UPDATE II: And for yet another similar model see this article.

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