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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Hawk outside braced boxcar

Not long ago I had a pair of posts on Hawk. Hawk OO is not common, producing four different cars briefly before WWII. On eBay very recently I was however able to spot a couple of the Hawk outside braced boxcars in a large batch of OO that passed through.

Here is one of them! It is as nicely proportioned as I hoped; this is a very good looking car. Compare this model to the instructions, which are posted here, and especially to the photo in the upper left hand corner of the instruction sheet. It is clearly the same car, with paper details where described. The main visible difference in this photo is the builder added some Scale-Craft details (ladders, brake wheel) and trucks.

One thing not obvious from the instructions is both of these cars are built on a wood block, the car body is solid rather than hollow. This car seems to have been offered with bodies constructed both ways.

Looking at the bottom of this first car was a shocker as this car has a Scale-Craft frame! It is from the early version of the flat car, the one with the trucks set too far in from the ends. Why did the builder do this? I am not sure, but they must have had their reasons, and it is a good fit at least.

I actually purchased two of these cars; the other one has the original Hawk frame just like the one in the gondola kit in the photo in this post. The other car is actually only decaled on one side, and both need various touch up work. I will likely re-work both soon and may re-install a Hawk frame on the car in this post, I have several extra frames. This is a great car, one to keep your eyes peeled for.

UPDATE: I did install a Hawk frame to this car and also see this post for more on the other version of this car. And, again, so far as I can tell Hawk sold this car either with a solid block body or with a body built up from smaller parts (sides/roof/ends/floor).

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