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Thursday, September 11, 2008

More on the early Scale-Craft OO box car

One other late summer project was finishing up another Scale-Craft box car.

First, a question, which of these three is the one I just finished? Two of these are from I believe the late 1930s and in good shape. Click on the photo for a larger version.

It is not totally obvious, is it? The one I finished up is the one for the Burlington. This body was purchased on eBay, I believe that it was painted many years ago, very nicely. The decals I used were an old Walthers HO set from the 50s; they match the car pretty well and only look a little under scale. [But, see UPDATE: they match exactly vintage S-C decals!]

Comparing the cars, the older ones are the original version of the car with the frame with the trucks too far in from the ends. Also one of the older cars, the Milwaukee car, has the uncommon version of the Scale-Craft truck with plastic/Bakelite wheelsets. As noted in the previous post on getting Scale-Craft trucks in shape, I am not totally certain of the era these were produced in but these trucks were on the car when purchased and I believe are the original or a very early version of the Scale-Craft truck.

UPDATE 2012: As already indicated, a purchase of two sets of vintage pre-war S-C decals rewarded me with the clear confirmation that the late version of their decals, made for S-C by Walthers, are identical to the decals used on the Burlington boxcar. The other cars are lettered with an earlier version of S-C decals.

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