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Monday, September 22, 2008

A OO Gauge Covered Gondola

This car was built by Bill Johann, converted from HO in 1997. There is a photo of this conversion in progress in the Feb, 1998 issue of The OO Road, with further information in the November, 1997 issue.

For this car Bill split an Athearn car so that it is full width for OO and built a new cover. The ends have a piece spliced in. It came to me on Scale-Craft trucks. However, they were mounted too close to the ends to look right to me. Instead I have substituted the converted Model-Power/Tyco/Mantua truck mentioned in the previous post. One quirk of these is that they have two holes that can be used as mounting holes that are off center. In this case this is of advantage as I could mount the trucks off center and get them to the proper distance from the ends of the car. This car passes well for OO and is another example of a car a modern OO gauger might want to employ on a layout. It is a car I do enjoy running.

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