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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Davis (Cussewago Valley) E-7s and more

This summer finishing these models has been a highlight as not only do they look good but they run great.

First, about the E-7s. They were produced by Cussewago Valley Railroad OO Scale Models, better known among OO gaugers by the name of the owner, Myron P. Davis. Davis at one time served as Chief Chemist and Metallurgist at Otis Elevator and after WWII was a partner in Nason Railways [but see UPDATE III, below, for more information]. His Cussewago Valley models were produced in the post-war period and only in limited quantities. The E-units must have been produced in the greatest quantity starting probably around 1953, or at the least I have seen the most of them, several models that were built up and operable.

It is sand cast bronze and heavy! The body alone weighs more than two pounds. I purchased this pair off eBay in a partially finished state, and I am not sure the builder was the same for both models. The A-unit builder certainly had a drill press and a supply of small drills, at some point I may add more details in the pre-drilled holes. I added enough details to the B-unit to match the A. Also I will have to add more screens at a later date; I want to match the style of the one in the A unit but need materials.

Also shown in the photo is an original truck side frame. Compared to it the HO PA-1 trucks look pretty good, and I love the way the drive worked out, reported in a previous post. Click on the photo for a close up.

This was part of a line of OO gauge models that included in particular a number of big steamers. Here is the list, with links to more on some of these models:
It would have taken incredible craftsmanship to finish one of these models, because so far as I know they were sold as boilers only.

While we are on the topic of Davis, he also produced a brass model of a wrecking crane and the following freight cars in sand cast aluminum or bronze with brass parts:
I have seen over the years few items by Davis, the large boilers and some of the circus cars. It is an interesting and rare line.

UPDATE: Photos of several of the above models may be found in the January, 1988 issue of The OO Road.

UPDATE II: The November, 1993 issue of The OO Road has even more in the form of a short biographical article on Davis. It states that a four page Cussaewago Valley catalog was put out in 1954; I would love to see this if anyone has a copy out there.

UPDATE III!: I have even more on Myron Park Davis here, including a link to the TCA article that reproduces all four pages of the 1954 catalog/price list and much more.

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