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Friday, June 10, 2016

A Scale-Craft Coach from the Oklahoma and Western

In a recent lot purchase was this nice Scale-Craft coach. As always, click on the photo for a better view.

Besides being a nice example of a classic (if somewhat common) OO model it caught my eye for several reasons. First off, just for the road name. It is probably lost to history who the brass hat of this road was, but being lettered for a freelanced western road is notable.

The lettering is actually a second set of lettering. If you look carefully, an original set of decals was painted over to allow the current lettering.

Of course the overall paint is a bit worse for the wear over the years but certainly “good enough” for a place in “the collection,” I don’t see it needing fixed further.

The other really notable thing is the car has an interior and lights. When it got here the interior had a number of loose seats but I corrected that situation with some superglue. I like the walls and the rest rooms and the color scheme. I have interior details to do several cars easily -- this is inspiring me to take on that project with upcoming S-C models with the easily removable roofs.

To the lights, I was first thinking they would be dead but actually testing them they all still work. The only issue is that one solder connection has broken. Sometime I should fix that, when I have the iron out again.

I like as well that the Oklahoma and Western at least theoretically might interchange with my line. All in all, this model I think was a nice find and is a reminder that sometimes there are vintage models that just appeal to you, trust you senses.

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