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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Video--American OO Today, Episode I: Pre-War Sampler

This past few weeks a goal has been to finally finish to some level the scenery on the final corner of the layout.  With that goal met and a new camcorder the result is the video below, which features some common pre-war OO gauge equipment on the layout. Check it out!

I plan to do more of these in the coming months. I wish the video quality was a bit higher and I will get better with the narration as more are produced. Except for the two essentially stock Lionel models all the rest I rebuilt pretty extensively.

I did not put in outtakes but one aside, the motor mounting screws all worked out leaving the locomotive inoperable just before I shot the video above! I did actually get the moment on tape. Three screws later I had it running again. This particular model has been run quite a lot over the years and is not one I run often now. I have another S-C 4-6-0 and a S-C 4-4-2 in the shop to be set up with vintage S-C DC motors, I am hoping they will be better runners and for sure they are lower mileage.

Finally, look to see photos of the new scenery soon. There is more to do but the layout is looking better than ever for sure.

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Richard said...

John- This is a very fine video- and re-introduced me to OO gauge. I build old HO kits- mainly Red Ball, Blue Line and American Beauty, but about 20 years ago I purchased at a TCA meet, a large box of OO, which I later sold piecemeal. There was a SC ten-wheeler, a SC 4-8-4 (and a spare unused superstructure for same), various diesels, dozens of SC kits, factory built-up and painted freight cars, and miscellaneous packages of SC screws, etc. (need any screws?). I wish I'd kept them all. Regards- Richard White in Moraga, CA

John Ericson said...

Thank you for your comments. I hope to have a second video up sometime soon, and for sure I could use a few more of the SC style bolster screws.