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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Vintage Nason Heavyweights in a New Corner

Back in December I was touching up painting on a group of four pre-war Nason heavyweight passenger cars. Now the group is done, and they look great in the new corner.

As noted in the “Layout Tour” article of a few years ago, portions of my layout date back to 1978. After years of procrastination I finally got the scenery to this point in the last couple weeks, spurred on partially just because it needed done (!) but also as I had an idea to experiment with producing a video as well.

Finishing the scene (and it could use more work) involved making some decisions mostly then following through. The station is for the fictional Kansas location of South Cottonwood, the business in the Quonset hut is "Nieter" at present, and the service station is Clyde's Service. Click on either photo for a closer view. I did not want to make the scene too crowded, a flaw sometimes seen on layouts. I will go back and work more on the road at some point soon, it is too gray and I did not put in crossings at all.

The other reason I wanted to pose these cars here is because the view is similar to the view in the most recent post on the Oscar Andresen layout. His 1936 article featured a new corner on his layout, and this is the new corner on my layout.

As to the cars, these three cars are all 60’ cars (roughly, all are actually a bit different) and will likely see a lot of service on the layout. Left to right they are an RPO, the PRR coach, and a shortened (by a prior owner) Pullman. I love the vintage look of these cars, they were a good product that was introduced before Lionel or Scale-Craft had produced any OO, and they operate great on my curves. Expect to see them again in the future.

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