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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Scale-Craft Pullman Observation

I love this newly built Scale-Craft Pullman Observation car. I will let the builder describe it.
I have been building a collection of old, wood kits to be put away for the grand kids to be opened in the future--with the idea of them seeing what went into building these things in "the old days." Most of the equipment is HO scale, but I've done a couple of OO scale for the fun of it. This kit came with trucks but no decals. It's been a real challenge, and I cannot believe the Scale Craft people actually thought their kits would be successfully built by anyone who didn't have a shop of some kind back in 1940 and after the war in 1946. But then the general philosophy with most kit manufacturers seemed to be to give the buyer an ideal picture of the finished product along with a similar written description and then see what the poor souls could do with the stuff they put into the box! Fortunately I was able to deal with most of the curves they threw at me with this one.
Beautiful work. Back in those days it was not easy to be a model railroader, something I have been appreciating more as I have been working through the current project to document OO through the years; the series starts here. Thank you to Art W. for sharing the photo and allowing me to share his note on American OO Today.

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