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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updating and Upgrading American OO Today

One thing that I had begun to feel myself is that American OO Today is getting so large that it is getting hard to find information, especially initial information. This past week I have upgraded elements on the right side menu and also have updated several articles.

The single article with the most updating is certainly my initial article on Lionel OO Gauge. As I note there, that article was among the first ten on the site back in 2008 and as a result was high in search rankings for Lionel OO--and as such desperately needed a major upgrade. It has now been upgraded into a more fully fleshed out "101" type article on Lionel OO which I would invite regular readers to check out again.

As to the side menus, I have added a list of suggested articles and also there is the interesting, generated list of articles that are the highest traffic articles in the site based on their Google Analytics stats for the past month. Some of these I have observed have for many months remained high traffic, mostly because they hit on search engines, but hopefully also they will be of interest to regular readers who may have missed them. I also added a menu of recently updated articles. These will focus on articles that have had text updates recently, as I making an effort to upgrade and update some older posts that readers may have missed.

Working through these updates it points out to me a number of models yet to be covered in the site as well, so do keep checking back as the site grows week by week, there is still a lot to cover!

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