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Sunday, October 24, 2010

An OO Gauge PRR P70 Coach

The article on the 1927 3.5 mm OO (HO) models of E. P. Alexander featured a photo of his HO scale (he called it OO) PRR P70 coach. Today I would like to feature an early 4 mm OO model of the same car that is nearly through the paint shop here in Arizona. It is the Nason Railways OO kit for a PRR P70 coach, introduced in 1936, with brass sides.

This particular example has a bit of a story. The sides and the roof were in a lot purchased over fifteen years ago ("before" may be seen here, scroll down) and little by little I have put together the parts needed to complete the car. The prior owner must have been working on rebuilding it and did not finish the project; the sides were actually lettered for the Green Brook of David Sacks but the paint job was quite damaged and my purchase was not from Sacks. It would have matched the RPO in this post.

I opted to strip the sides of the coach (see this post) and over the years I have been able to assemble a set of nearly all of the other original Nason parts needed to complete the car. I had to work up a floor spliced from two floors but there will be (besides couplers) actually only two non-Nason parts on the car body itself, the two raw metal steps visible in the bottom photo. They nearly match the original Nason castings and are I believe vintage Selley parts. The other parts are all Nason and perfectly match the parts in an unbuilt kit in my collection. The trucks to be used are also original Nason trucks but rebuilt with Famoco wheelsets.

Soon I will have the car fully painted and assembled, one of a matched set of four Nason cars I have underway, all of which will be as close to all original as I can make them.

Update. The car nearly finished is here and  the finished car may be seen here.

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