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Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos of Early Limco OO

Thanks to a reader we now have confirmed sightings of Limco cars! Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

This first model is their PRR MU car with the blueprint instructions, which was the first die cast model produced in OO dating to 1936, with die cast sides and ends. More on this model may be found in this post.

The second photo is of a close up of the drive on this model. It is not completely clear in the photo but the owner describes the drive as a “ring and pinion” set-up.

Next we come to the Limco tank car. As noted in a recent post this was the first tank car produced in OO and was introduced 1937. It has die cast domes and ends and a brass body.

This is an end of this same model. The owner believes he has a pair of the correct trucks as well that would match the trucks in the advertisement seen in this post.

Very interesting early models! Thank you for sharing.

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